To qualify for the scholarship, an applicant must satisfy the following requirements:
a. Must be a Ghanaian
b. Not more than 24 years old
c. Must have obtained good grades in the West African Senior Secondary School Certificate Examinations (WASSSCE) in Core English Language and any Three of Elective Mathematics, Physics, Chemistry and Biology.
d. Must have gained admission into an accredited university in Ghana to study any Science based profession at first degree level or be in the first year of the studies.
e. Be a committed and needy Muslim.
f. Must not already be under another scholarship or any other form of sponsorship for the same programme.

The IDB Scholarships Programme covers the normal cost of living of students (stipend) paid in three (3) installments per year.

Starting from September every year, Announcements are made for interested and qualified persons to apply for the scholarships for the ensuing academic year. This is done mainly through notices posted at various university notice boards and continuing beneficiaries of IDB scholarships are requested to draw the attention of other students to those notices. Announcements are also made at various Mosques and other Muslim forums or assemblies. From now, the announcements will be made on the internet as well.

Application forms are available free of charge at the IDB Scholarships office at the Zenith College behind La Trade Fair Centre, Accra. They are also available through the Honorary Student Counselor and the leaderships of the IDB Graduates Association - Ghana and IDB Students Associations of the universities in Ghana. Application forms can also be downloaded from the downloads section of our website.
Completed application forms should be submitted to the Chairman, IDB Education Trust-Ghana, c/o Zenith University College, Behind La Trade fair Centre (Accra). The deadline for the acceptance of completed application forms is 28th February each year.

The application forms received by the deadline are closely examined. The candidates whose applications satisfy the selection criteria are informed and invited for interviews. Those whose applications fail to satisfy the selection criteria are informed, usually by telephone.

Interviews are conducted on Easter Saturdays and Sundays every year to ensure all candidates can attend the interviews without losing time for lectures at their universities. The interviews are conducted at the Offices of the IDB Education Trust-Ghana, Zenith University College.
The results of the interviews together with all the application forms received and their attachments are forwarded for the actual and final selection by IDB in Jeddah. The names of the successful candidates are communicated to the IDB Education Trust- Ghana which, in turn, informs them about their success and for them to execute the IDB Scholarships Bonds. It is after the Bonds have been duly executed and submitted to IDB in Jeddah that the Scholarships become operational and payments of stipends to the beneficiaries can start.

The refund of loans by IDB Graduates is made into the IDB Education Trust Fund which maintains Accounts with the Tetteh Quarshie Branch of the Ghana commercial Bank. This Fund is recycled to provide more scholarships (Local IDB Scholarships) to more capable but needy Muslims.
To ensure transparency and fairness the selection for these local scholarships is also based on the results of the interviews submitted to IDB, Jeddah. Those not selected in Jeddah are considered for the Local scholarships seriatim in accordance with their ranking on the recommended lists.