About Us

The objectives of the IDB/ IDB Education Trust- Ghana programme include helping the Muslim youth in Ghana who are academically capable but needy to successfully undertake various university Science-based professional programmes. It is expected such studies would enable them develop their potentials or capacities for initiating or participating in socio-economic developments for improving the quality of life for themselves, their own communities and the nation at large. In essence, the objectives are to make the Muslim youth more responsible and build up a team of highly professional and committed Muslims as a tool for sustained improvement in the socio economic conditions of their communities. The beneficiaries are, therefore, required to fulfill the following conditions:

  1. Work hard at their studies at universities so as to ensure success in the end.
  2. The scholarship is regarded as a grant to their Muslim communities but as interest free loans to them and each beneficiary is required to pay back in full the total amount expended on him/her as scholarship over the period of studies. The payment should be made at the end of their studies when they are in gainful employment to the IDB Education Trust-Ghana Which will recycle it into more scholarships for more needy Muslim Youth. The refund should be done in unspecified but reasonable installments which would not cause embarrassment but, as much as possible, the total amount expended on each beneficiary should be fully paid back in the same number years spent studying under the scholarship.
  3. The beneficiaries are also required to serve their communities for a specified period in executing development programmes using the expertise they acquired in their university studies. The statutory period of this service is the same as the number of years spent studying under the Programme.